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Ploud IO

Who we are


  • Health minds logo

    “Ploud is here to prove our partner that provide simple solution for complex problems using the latest technologies.”

    vr and ar client Shiva Kumar Head of VR at Healthminds

  • nytimes logo

    “Our demanding project required a new approach and Ploud came up with a creative idea and were exactly what our users needed. A truly responsible, talented and creative team capable of working magic.”

    vr and ar client Veda Shastri 360 Producer at New York Times

  • Modus Live Business Consulting logo

    “What we like best about Ploud is that the communication process with them is never restricted to execution; instead it's always a process of co-creation with a focus on problem solving as a team with a common goal.”

    vr and ar client shanawas babu Director & Founder at Modus Live Business Consulting


    “We were initially looking for a team that could help us to create a video content to explain our core features to our customers, but every agency we tried failed to understand core technology. then we got introduced to Ploud and decided for a long-term cooperation with them as they became a valuable addition to our team.”

    vr and ar client Subhodeep Bhattacharya Regional Director, India & South Asia at Neatgear

  • Dassault-Systèmes logo

    “We wanted to have an external, service-oriented partner that could effectively connect with our internal resources and support us with setting up VR lab and Impeccable long-term cooperation is very important to us to build use cases.”

    vr and ar client Kailash Munipella Business Consulting Director, Aerosace and Defence at Dassault Systemes

  • hp enterprise

    “Ploud IO made a stellar job at proposing the right technology stack, implementing it and smartly solving the issues in very quick time.”

    vr and ar client Gana Vadlamani WW Executive Director - Robotics & Automation Practice at HP


We produce innumerable & digital experiences,
Due to NDA we cant showcase in public.

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Services we Offer

We cover anything that is needed
for your digital presence

  • VR Training Simulation
  • Augmented Reality
  • Mobile VR
  • Mixed Reality for Enterprise
  • Immersive sensory experience
  • 360 video
  • Web & App-development
  • XR Consulting


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