Inventing the wheel of our time.

Redefining the Internet

Focused on solving complex design problems with clear and effective solutions for smart homes.


TV Advertising investments do not provide real time data & is highly priced.

We turn TV into experiences.

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dib Personal Assistant System Comes With Everything Your Family Needs

dib is a Smart network appliance device, designed for entertainment and streaming high-definition digital content

Family Assistance

Voice based Personal assistance for your home

Acquire high value users

Our platform leverage advanced data-sciences to help you push geo location-based ads on TV

Simple as a smartphone

Its runs all the apps that your smart phone runs


One Solution
For Homes

Swiss Knife for your home

      Research & Technology


      We are researching on Light Fidelity(Li-Fi) and Optical wireless communications(OWC) for long-range inter-buildings communications

      One FIX

      Location based Subscriber Management System
      for ISP/MSO's and LCO's

      Flash CDN

      FLASH is Reverse CDN technology that redistributes data by understanding the patterns of Browsing, Streaming & Downloading


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      We’re always looking for tenacious, bright and enthusiastic people.

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